My compliments

If you want to see compliments from the past, go to Compliments via Me.

  • Press Menu.
  • Press My.
  • Go to Compliments.
  • Received: Here you can see compliments you have received.
  • Given: Here you can see compliments you have given.
  • Compliment Chat: By pressing a compliment you open the chat about that compliment. You can send a message to the other(s) in the same chat here. Only the others who have also received this compliment will receive your message. You can see who they are at Privacy.
  • Privacy: Here you can see who sees the compliment and the chat. So these are the privacy settings for this message. The people who are visible can see this compliment via the Others menu.
  • Follow: Following will keep the compliment on your timeline. By unfollowing, the compliment will disappear from your timeline. You can always find the compliment again at "Me".