Problems with the Dashboard

For problems such as:

  • I don't see any employees in my dashboard.
  • I don't see any green check marks in my dashboard
  • I don't see all series in my dashboard

You can access the dashboard by going to log in with your own account.


When you do not see the correct data in the dashboard. Then go through the following steps first.

1. Check whether you have pressed the refresh button in the dashboard.

2. Refresh the page in your browser

View all series by scrolling

To view all series in your dashboard, you can scroll from left to right.

1. Click on one of the dots or series in your dashboard

2. Scroll right or left or use the arrows on your keyboard.

I don't see anything in the dashboard

If you don't see anything in the console or in your dashboard, you probably don't have the rights for this. Then contact your admin.